Nateby Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

Class One is made up of Reception and Year One and is taught by Mrs Gallagher -Tuesday to Friday and Mrs Culver on a Monday. Mrs Palmer and Ms Miller are our Teaching Assistants and Mrs S is our apprentice TA.

Class One Timetable

Class One Curriculum Map


Class 1 had a lovely day of music. They made their own untuned instruments and played along to music. They enjoyed singing and listening too.

Humblescough Farm

As part of our Outdoor and Adventurous Education, Class One visited Humblescough Farm. They enjoyed den building, marshmallow toasting, mini-beast hunting, craft making and tree climbing. 

Let’s go fly a kite…

Last week while it was windy, we made kites in the style of ‘Perfectly Norman’, which is the story we are reading in English. In the story, Norman suddenly grows wings and finds he can fly. So we decorated kites and tried to fly them on our field.

Remembrance Day in Class One

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and then we chose different ways to make a poppy. Some children painted, some made a collage and some colored their poppies. We also made poppies using Lego and other bricks, play dough and using loose parts to make a picture.