Nateby Primary School




Reception children – due to start primary school in September 2024.

The  statutory closing date is 15 January 2024.

The application to be made by the closing date using this direct link

Should you need any help, support or guidance, the Pupil Access Office Contacts are listed below

Lancaster, Morecambe, Wyre and The Fylde


Year 6 – due to transfer into high school in September 2024

The  statutory closing date is 31 October 2023

Nateby Primary School is a Community school. 

The admission number for each year group was set at 13 until it was reduced to 12 in September 2021.

If this number is likely to be exceeded applications for places must go to appeal.

No infant classes can exceed 30 pupils.

Our classes at Nateby are mixed age-group classes. 

The policies and information on this page should help to understand national, county and school procedures.

The local authority deals with school admissions to Nateby Primary School- you should, in the first instance, contact them for admissions arrangements. However please do not hesitate to ring the school office and speak to a member of staff- we are always happy to help.

Children can start reception year at primary school from the September after their fourth birthday. However, by law children don’t have to start school until the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.
These are the dates that children would usually start school and when to apply for a school place:

Child born between Starts primary school Apply between
1 Sep 2017 – 31 Aug 2018 Sep 2022 Sep 2021 – Jan 2022
1 Sep 2018 – 31 Aug 2019 Sep 2023 Sep 2022 – Jan 2023
1 Sep 2019 – 31 Aug 2020 Sep 2024 Sep 2023 – Jan 2024
1 Sep 2020 – 31 Aug 2020 Sep 2025 Sep 2024 – Jan 2025

Use this link to make a late application for a reception place at Nateby:

In-Year Applications

If you are considering moving your child to Nateby in-year please use the following link for information and advice:

Applications for children starting primary school in 2024 will be open between September 2023 and 15th January 2024.

If you think places have not been allocated fairly use this link:

The information below explains what would happen in an appeal for a place at a community school such as Nateby.